A Gala of Colour and Importance

Throughout the year our wonderful Multicultural Ambassadors do great work in promoting better mental health in their community. They run programs but more importantly they act the voice of their community on all issue’s mental health.

In 2017, the Board of Directors of Mental Health Foundation of Australia and myself identified a section of our community that were ignored in the debate regarding mental health. For many immigrant groups, there is a stigma associated with mental health and there are no support networks for those struggling with mental illness. This is something that we believed must be changed for the better and that is why we set up ambassadors who will act as our voice in those communities and be the voice of their community in the sphere of mental health.

In our 2018 intake, we had over 60 different nationalities represented by our ambassadors. Further to that we have been running support groups for women struggling with mental health issues in the Indian and Pakistani Community. In 2019, we were also proud to launch the African Women’s Support Group and we hope in future to launch many more support groups targeted towards our many multicultural communities.

Every year in honour of our fantastic Multicultural Ambassadors, we host a Gala Dinner. This Gala dinner will allow our ambassadors and their communities to come along and to enjoy a night full of dance and good food and wine. The event is usually attended by dignitaries such as many of our political leaders, leaders in the mental health sector, academics and our distinguished Board of Directors. This dinner serves as an opportunity to unite those of different faiths and nationalities to fight for better mental health and to remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

The importance of this Gala and our Multicultural Ambassadors cannot be stressed enough. Supporting this dinner means you are supporting the fight for more mental health services in migrant communities and more importantly empowering these communities to find their voice.

Click on image below to book

Or click on the Trybooking link to purchase tickets:


Ticket $75 per person or $750 per table of 10.

Ticket includes three-course meal, wine, beer and soft drinks.

Vasan Srinivasan

Vice Chairperson of Mental Health Foundation Australia
Chairperson of Confederation of Indian Australian Associations Inc

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