A New Voice for Mental Health

When PlayersVoice was launched in Australia, it was a revolutionary platform designed to give our country’s best sportspeople an opportunity to write about what the average sports punter was unable to see and witness behind the showcase that is live sport.

It was designed to negate the negative coverage given to our elite sportspeople by our traditional sports-media.

Essentially it gave these athletes a voice.

In a similar way to our athletes, a lot of negativity is directed towards those struggling with mental illness. Stigma still exists in our community and worst of all it prevents those who need help from speaking up.

MHFAVoice is an initiative launched by the Mental Health Foundation Australia to give those who struggle or have struggled with mental illness the opportunity to share their stories.  Not only will we be posting stories from those who suffer from these illnesses, but also from their carers and experts in the area of mental health.

This page will also serve as a way for those seeking more information on our events and programs to get first hand testimony from those who have attended these events previously.

Most importantly we hope that this page will encourage more and more sufferers to speak out. We hope it will allow sufferers to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and most importantly encourage those who might be suffering from these conditions to speak up and seek the help they need.

Much like PlayerVoice gave our professional athletes a voice, we hope that MHFAVoice will give Mental Health a voice it needs.

The pen is mightier than the sword  Edward Bulwer-Lytton


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