Providing support in mental health crisis


Finding yourself in a mental health emergency can be a stressful situation. Unless you are familiar with the symptoms of mental illness, it is difficult to know what a person in distress needs and what are the things that can make this situation worse.

Some of the most commonly occurring mental health problems are: depression, mood disorders, trauma, anxiety disorders and psychosis.

The Mental Health First Aid Course will give you the guidance on what you need to do in such emergency situations. This course will teach you the warning signs of mental health and how to find professional help.

Learning about mental health can be very useful. A standard course gives you basic understanding of different mental illness and their symptoms.

The course will also cover how to deal with mental health crisis situations such as traumatic events, suicidal thoughts and behaviours, severe psychotic states and self-harm.

This course will guide you on how to provide mental health first aid by using the ALGEE action plan.

The ALGEE action plan is:

  • Approach, assess and assist with any crisis
  • Listen to the person non-judgmentally
  • Give the person reassurance, support and information
  • Encourage the person to seek appropriate professional help
  • Encourage the person to seek self-help and other support strategies.

So, one might have a question – Who should attend an MHFA course?

If you have a family member, friend or a colleague who has a mental illness, it is a good idea to sign up for a mental health first aid course.

These courses are also good for people who work in human services i.e., social workers, managers, HR officers, teachers, TAFE and university lecturers, lawyers, nurses and counsellors.

Attend a 12-hour first aid course if you wish to provide support to someone in mental health crisis and bring optimism in their life.

Course Information and Booking link:

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